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January 26, 2013

Recordings from Exile’s Return

EMiC is pleased to announce that video recordings of the plenary speakers and keynote presentation at last year’s “Exile’s Return” colloquium in Paris, France are now available online.

Modernism Reaching Out: From Paris to Planetarity

Chair: Dean Irvine (Dalhousie University/Yale University)

  • Andrew Thacker (De Montfort University) Taking Root or Moving On? Modernism, Transnationalism, and Little Magazines
  • Suzanne Bailey (Trent University) Remaking Diaspora: David Silverberg at William Hayter’s Atelier 17
  • Miguel Mota (University of British Columbia) and Paul Tiessen (Wilfrid Laurier University) Malcolm Lowry’s ‘Lost’ Novel (1931-44): From Paris Stories to Canadian Ashes to Archival Return


Global Poetics

Chair: Hannah McGregor (University of Guelph)

  • Robert Zacharias (University of Toronto) “Brilliant Exile, for the Heart / Is and Not Makes, a Work of Art”: Modernism and the Aesthetics of Displacement in Canada
  • Nadine Fladd (University of Western Ontario) Revis(it)ing Modernist Moments: Morley Callaghan and The New Yorker
  • Catherine Lanone (Sorbonne Nouvelle) Reinventing the Image: T.S. Eliot and Emily Carr


Global Migrations and Mutations

Chair: Marta Dvorak (Sorbonne Nouvelle)

  • Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS) Modernism in Indian Poetry: A Paradigm for Emancipation, Recovery and Creative Out-of-Placeness
  • Hannah McGregor (University of Guelph) Writing the “Foreign”: Narratives of Travel in the Writing Careers of Margaret Laurence and P.K. Page

Keynote Presentation (~16:10:00)

  • Alberto Manguel: First and Last Modernists: From Conrad to Borges


Intermedial Métissage

Chair: Gregory Betts (Brock University)

  • Katherine McLeod (University of Guelph) Radio Modernism in Canada
  • Linda Steer (and Gregory Betts) (Brock University) “I AM THAT AM I?” Brion Gysin’s Art of Unsettled Identities
  • Marta Dvorak (Sorbonne Nouvelle) Image and Page: Mavis Gallant’s Modernist Transmutations


For those who haven’t downloaded QuickTime, please click here. The videos are grouped with those from other conferences at La Sorbonne Nouvelle — just scroll down until you reach “Exile’s Return.”

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