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November 9, 2011

Woolf Conference, 7-10 June 2012

Interdisciplinary Multidisciplinary Woolf

7-10 June 2012
University of Saskatchewan

This conference invites explorations of Virginia Woolf’s work from a range of different disciplinary perspectives and practices. We welcome proposals on any aspect of Woolf studies, and especially papers or performances that:

• respond to Virginia Woolf and her texts from interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches;
• respond to the inter- and multidisciplinary work carried out by Virginia Woolf and her circle; and/or
• respond to the implications of Virginia Woolf’s work by applying its themes and claims to other disciplinary, institutional, social, or cultural contexts.

Proposals may reflect (but need not be limited to) methodologies and knowledge from disciplines such as:
Queer Studies, the Digital Humanities, Native Studies, Literary Studies, History, Translation Studies, Art and Art History, Drama, Psychology/ Psychoanalysis, Business Administration, Media and Communications, Music, Political Science, the Study of Sexualities, Postcolonial Theory, Children’s Literature and Studies, Editing and Publishing, Creative Writing, Religious Studies, Economics, Film, the Study of Teaching and Learning, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Ecocriticism, Health, Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Disability Studies, Law…
Submissions from artists, writers, community activists, administrators, “common readers,” independent scholars, teachers, academics, and students are welcomed.

For paper proposals, please send a 250-word abstract as a Word attachment. For panel proposals, please submit a 250-word description of each paper to be presented by the three panel participants along with the proposed panel title. Because we will be using a blind submission process, please do not include your name on your proposal. Instead, in your covering e-mail, please include your
name(s), institutional affiliation (if any), paper title(s), and contact information.

Proposals and inquiries should be directed to Ann Martin, Department of English
306.966.5527 • woolf@arts.usask.ca

The deadline for submissions is: 1 February 2012.

We have come together…to make one thing, not enduring—for what endures?—
but seen by many eyes simultaneously. (The Waves)

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