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August 17, 2011

Funding Opportunity for CWRC Workshop

Edmonton Launch Workshop

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (www.cwrc.ca) has funds available to assist scholars wishing to attend the workshop in Edmonton at the University of Alberta, on Thursday, Sept 29th 3:30-5:30 (project launch and reception for those who can make it); Friday, Sept 30th, and Saturday, Oct. 1st.

Workshop topics will include an introduction to CWRC, research-related policy discussions, visualization, interface, text analysis tools, debate of editorial matters including authority lists and textual tagging, and an introduction to current platform functionality. Dr. Laura Mandell of Texas A&M University will be addressing us on the topic of visualization and helping to lead our thinking in the area.

Priority will be given to: emergent scholars, those participating in a CWRC project, and those with limited travel funds.

Please send a brief application for support, specifying:

1)   that you are applying for support for the Edmonton workshop

2)   your name, institutional position or background, institutional affiliation (or if none, then a brief account of your research area and interest in the CWRC project);

3)   the project, research interest or activity that you expect participation in the workshop to advance;

4)   an estimated budget of expenses, indicating the amount of your request. Accommodation has been reserved at Campus Towers ($133 and $150), and Lister Centre (residences, $109) from Sept. 29-Oct. 2.

Send this information to cwrc@ualberta.ca by August 19 for full consideration. Requests made after this date may still be considered if funds are available.

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