Editing Modernism in Canada


June 9, 2010

Thinking ahead to Easter 2011 …

The energy and momentum of our DHSI sessions have got me thinking ahead to a conference next year which would be a great showcase for EMiC projects and participants: the 2011 British Association for Canadian Studies conference from 4-6 April 2011. It’d be particularly apt as it’s to be held at the University of Birmingham, which is the one and only partner institution for EMiC in the UK, and which is my own institution. If any EMiC-ites are planning to be in the UK around Easter 2011, it would be fabulous to have an Editing Modernism panel at BACS. I can’t think of a single digital humanities paper I have ever seen at that conference, and I can only imagine people there would be amazed and inspired by seeing the kind of work that Emily & Hannah showcased in the grad student colloquium yesterday. And by Easter next year there’ll be many more projects, and I’d love my colleagues in the UK to hear about them.

It is a long way, of course, and the flights are expensive, but there are occasionally small pots of random funding for grad students and others that pop up (see for example these). I thought it was worth mentioning this far in advance in case anyone had plans to be in Europe anyway for research or for another conference. Karis & I talked about it briefly at TEMiC so there’s a chance that she might be able to make it. If it’s of interest to anyone else then please get in touch.

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