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June 9, 2010

Since we are fantasizing…

The really engaged posts on the EMiC blog have really got me thinking… If we put all this effort into developing the “EMiC” brand of digital mark-up…  Would it be possible to create an online graduate journal, or something similar, within which we could publish samples of our projects? Hosted through EMiC, or partnered with EMiC, but a distinct entity?

This way, like Chris suggests, we could develop a “house style” which all our projects could conform to, but also use and develop.

 It could be a collaboration, by both humanities scholars, digital humanists and other computer scientists.  If we worked with them to develop the tools we’d need to start out and get the ball rolling, then we would be able to self teach through forums like the DHSI summer course.

Some of the small projects we might be interested in pursuing don’t necessarily have a forum for publication.  This would give graduate students a chance to learn new technology, and then have an immediate application for it.  They would know that their work had a possible “home” within the journal.

Obviously this is looking a little bit longer term, but it would be really amazing if we were able to lay the groundwork for this in the next few years, while we have an EMiC to support and engage us.

Perhaps it could be split into two parts, half scholarly articles about editing in print and online, and half documents or editorial projects that are entirely born digital.

I realize that I am perhaps being a bit over ambitious…  But I couldn’t help but take it to the next level.  Thoughts??

Did I take it too far?

Did I?

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  1. Melissa Dalgleish says:

    I have a journal. Seriously. It’s called PIVOT, and it’s still in the early stages of being developed, but I’d be happy to share. Or share what I’ve learned in starting an academic journal. It’s not overly ambitious-it’s exciting!

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  3. JM says:

    I’m not an EMiC-er, but I will say there is something in the works that would help you achieve what you’ve discussed here. Vague enough?

  4. Dean Irvine says:

    When you’re ready to divulge more info, please do pass it along. Thanks, Julie!

  5. Vanessa Lent says:

    I think this is a super exciting idea, Emily, and one that would align perfectly with so many of EMiC’s long term goals.

  6. Andrea Hasenbank says:

    I’m really taken with this idea, Emily. I don’t think it’s too ambitious – I think it gives a sense of direction to grow as EMiC enters a stage of greater maturity.

    It’s interesting to condider how ideas of ‘community’ – really, what I think the focus of DEMiC has been for me this year – can take on both formal and informal aspects. A journal can begin as a place to offer more sustained working out of ideas, or a series of stages in an idea.

    On a less utopic and more SSHRC-esque note, a journal also offers a recognizable target and way of citing process. Bear with me here – a thing that may have started as a conversation manifested in a bit of test code and grown into a blog post is already valuable, but hard to note on a report or application. A journal might provide a good venue for an early-stage idea that could be noted in a measurable way that makes sense to our organizing and funding bodies. That is until SSHRC has a box that corresponds to mad blogging skillz…

  7. Zailig Pollock says:

    We might want to consider the pre-print model that has become so central in some of the sciences. They don’t carry much weight for hiring, tenure, promotion, but they provide an excellent forum for sharing and developing ideas prior to publication.

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