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June 7, 2010

Initial Reflections from Day One: Lunch

Here it is, lunchtime on day one of the DHSI.  As I happily munch on lunch with my fellow roommates, I feel a tinge of jealousy that I can’t retake the TEI Fundamentals course.  This year, we are lucky enough to have 14 of the 19 EMiC participants enrolled in that class.  Having that large a group to commiserate with is very helpful at the early stages of learning a new language.  As P.K. Page struggles and goes silent because of the overwhelming nature of learning Portuguese in Brazil, so I too struggled with learning a language of angle brackets and abbreviations that has been a bit suppressed since my last visit to Victoria.

Returning now with a fresh face, I feel re-engaged with the digital tools.  My new course, Transcribing Primary Sources, is much more invested in the bibliographic and social text features of the text.  Matt just spent half an hour talking about all the ways you can describe the scribes who wrote the text and how to mark specific regional geography to “map” the transmission of the text.  How awesome is that?

Because lunch is fast wrapping up, the last piece of news I want to share is about our afternoon project.  I am doing digital mark-up fill in the blank!  This guy definitely understands my abilities.  I get to go hunting for the right information, but I also have the safety blanket of knowing that in this case there is a “right answer” which I can try to find.

Back to work, and I can’t wait to talk (and read!) about your experiences at DEMiC today!

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  1. irvined says:

    Wonderful to read your mid-day reflections on DHSI, Emily. No doubt the large group in the fundamentals class is bonding like crazy glue. You’ll be able to play the wise older sister to them over beers tonight! Keep posting for those of us in the project but not with you in Victoria. It’s a vicarious joy.

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