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June 10, 2010

digital anti-humanism?

Does anybody know if there has been much theorization of digital anti-humanism?

3 Responses to “digital anti-humanism?”

  1. Vanessa Lent says:

    Explain a little more what you mean by this… How are you defining “anti-humanism”? Interesting.

  2. Reilly Yeo says:

    Well, Haraway’s cyborg stuff could almost be considered digital anti-humanism, no? And then everything following from that…

  3. pwebb says:

    You’re likely to find more relevant stuff under the posthumanism rubric than “digital anti-humanism” itself. Neil Badmington’s essay collection “Posthumanism: [+subtitle]”, which contains Haraway, is a good starting point.

    A bit older (early 90s) but interesting is Neil Postman’s Technopoly, a polemical lament for humanism in the digital/ globalized age.

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