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June 8, 2010

Bunnies: not just a logo

Even in my residence room, I’m surrounded by bunnies. They’re on my course kit for Text Encoding Fundamentals. They’re on my thumb drive. They’re on my ticket to the Wednesday night DHSI banquet. They’re on my campus map. They’re smile-inducing as they pop up everywhere in their silhouetted logo form, but they’re even more entertaining in person.

I’ve heard about the (in)famous UVic bunnies, but experiencing them firsthand is something else. Excuse my delighted squeals in the video: we don’t get too much wildlife in downtown Toronto other than the garbage-eating raccoons, which are definitely not on par with a swarm of baby bunnies. DHSI is a great blend of academic pursuits and fun; the bunnies, in their logo and furry forms, really embody the latter side of this week. Enjoy!

Bunnies: not just a logo

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