Editing Modernism in Canada



We are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2013 TEMiC (Textual Editing and Modernism in Canada) summer institute being held for the first time at The University of British Columbia (Okanagan), which is located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

TEMiC is offered free of charge to all EMiC cluster participants and affiliated students, who are also eligible for a limited number of travel subventions.

New Developments
TEMiC 2013 consists of an intensive 5-day session, “Editing Modernism On and Off the Page,” co-directed by Karis Shearer and Dean Irvine. It will take place from Monday, July 29th to Friday, August 2nd.

Students registered for approved UBC (Okanagan) graduate course credit will spend a second week (August 5th-9th) working on a research project in consultation with Dr. Shearer to complete their course credit.

Editing Modernism On and Off the Page
Our 2013 theme will be “Editing Modernism On and Off the Page.” The institute directors will lead participants through an intensive study of contemporary editorial theory from Canada and abroad. The week begins with a focus on the printed page, moves toward the electronic page, and finally leaves the page altogether to examine poetry’s audio recordings. A new development at TEMiC for 2013 is the reconceptualization of the summer institute around the relationship between creativity and criticality that is at the core of the host institution’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. We will spend the mornings in seminars focused on editorial theory and afternoons in workshops with or attending presentations by creative producers. Each afternoon will also feature a talk by a visiting scholar involved in a major editorial project.

We invite both new participants and those from previous years to take part in “Editing Modernism On and Off the Page.” Participants will be introduced to the foundations of editorial theory and will learn from expert-led discussions while they acquire skills to identify and assess digital tools for editing on and off the page.

Poetry Off the Page
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Vancouver Poetry Conference, TEMiC 2013 will coincide with “Poetry Off the Page,” a literary event featuring some of Canada’s most celebrated writers. At a roundtable co-facilitated by Smaro Kamboureli and Karis Shearer, authors George Bowering, Frank Davey, Daphne Marlatt, Sharon Thesen, and Fred Wah will give readings and discuss the role of the audio recording in the composition and/or dissemination of their work. The “Poetry Off the Page” series will also feature an evening of readings by local Okanagan writers on Sunday July 28th.

Because of the intensive nature of TEMiC, participants are strongly advised to do preparatory reading in the areas of Canadian modernism and textual editing. For registered graduate students pursuing the course-credit option, this preparatory reading is mandatory.

Graduate Course Option
UBC (Okanagan) also offers students the option of taking TEMiC as a graduate reading course. If you are interested in this option and are studying at an institution which would support it please contact Karis Shearer. The course has been pre-approved for graduate students from UBC (Okanagan).

To apply for TEMiC, please fill out the Application Form. The application deadline is April 30th, 2013.