Editing Modernism in Canada


Project Planning

Melissa Dalgleish has compiled a great list of things to think about when embarking on a digital project, originally posted in the EMiC blog:

What documents will I be working with?

  • Where are they located?
  • How many are there? (and therefore, how big the project is and how long it will take)
  • Who holds control over access to them?
  • How do I  get access and permission to publish digitally?
  • What do I want this project to be/do?
  • How do I make it be/do that digitally?
  • How big is this going to be (#of documents)?
  • How long is it going to take to create? What’s my timeline and schedule?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • What resources will I need?
  • education: TEI, CSS, XMLT, IMT, analytics
  • time: assessing, scanning, coding, web design, tweaking
  • tech: oXygen, web editors, computer, hosting site, tech support, OCR program, scanner
  • money: permissions, hosting, scanning, labour, education, software
  • people: to teach, to work, to listen
  • How can I access these resources?
  • At my university: people, physical, and monetary resources
  • Through EMiC
  • At DHSI
  • Through funding agencies and grants
  • My own resources, research, and self-teaching

What do I do with these documents?

  • scan them
  • run them through OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software to prepare them for TEI (Textual Encoding Initiative) mark-up
  • make photo-quality scans for use with the IMT (Image Mark-up Tool)

How do I make them digital?

  • Perform TEI markup for conversion to web format and use with analytic tools (according to a standard schema and limited tag set for EMiC projects)
  • Perform IMT markup for digital facsimiles
  • Think about ways of integrating/paralleling the two

How do I make them usable?

  • converting TEI to functional websites (CSS, XSLT etc.)
  • to do this ourselves, or to hire someone?
  • getting them online (hosting etc.)
  • making them aesthetically pleasing: EMiC-standard web design
  • searchability/ analytics/visualizations

How do I make them known?

  • promoting our projects to the wider community: English scholars and students, digital humanists, general readers

How to manage EMiC projects alongside our “official” Master’s and doctoral work?

  • time management
  • working at institutions/with supervisors who are not EMiC affiliated